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 Forum Overview

Forum Overview

The Caribbean and Latin America have been experiencing an unprecedented crime wave. In spite of the best efforts by the authorities the results are below acceptable levels. The region accounts for 36% of homicides globally; human trafficking is prevalent, trade in illegal arms, corruption, drugs, gang violence/ warfare, extortion, kidnapping and violence towards women are all on the rise. This is not a new phenomenon; we are reaping what has been sown for decades.

There is the scourge of terrorism on our shores. The region is a hotbed for all types of nefarious activity, there are other problems such as illegal immigrants, deportees etc., and these challenges require a collaborative effort to solve. The respective governments; require the support of all sectors of the population to become involved in the fight against crime. We need to reverse this epidemic. All sectors of the population in the various countries need to work together on these problems. Governmental and Non Governmental agencies, NGOs, Business Organizations and Civil and Community groups should come together to address and get to the root causes of these issues that affect us all.

The private sector has a vested interest in a safe region where all citizens could live in peace and harmony. This sector is a main driver of the respective economies and contributes in diverse ways to the development of these countries. We are hosting this Forum to take a closer look at the various issues, and the plan is to offer support and assistance where necessary. Collaboratively we can confront the challenges that plague our societies. This Security Forum is aimed at the examination of the problem. Coming together to engender workable solutions through a two-day program designed to devise recommendations that are attainable and sustainable in the short and long term. All stakeholders will be brought together for maximum results.

Forum Themes

  • Violent Crimes and Restorative Justice- Gang Violence, Domestic Violence Homicide and Heinous Crimes
  • Trafficking -Drugs/Gangs, Arms, Humans
  • Terrorism -Global and National Threats
  • Critical Infrastructure and Assets -Assets worth protecting: Your people, your intellectual property and your physical plant
  • Corruption -Financial Crimes an Enabler of Crime and Violence
  • Technology 1 -- Drones Exploring the Current and Future - International Threats Posed by Drones-unmanned/Autonomous Systems and Driverless Vehicles
  • Technology 2 – Latest Technologies for Fighting Crime and Terrorism
  • Cyber Crime

Accommodation Rates

Accommodation Rates

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Our list of presenters for the conference


The organisers for this year's event.
Nigel G. Salina
Nigel G. Salina
Rob Hartwell (USA)
Rob Hartwell (USA)
Col. Aubrey Vance Renfroe
Col. Aubrey Vance Renfroe
Angela Lee Loy
Angela Lee Loy


Download the current brochure for the 2017 Caribbean Security Forum.  CSF 2017 Brochure


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  • Guardian Group Ltd.

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